Fun Facts

(You can’t ignore the numbers)

Average # of Days to AUTOMATE a Habit

Um…what? No wonder Habit Change can feel so hard. That’s triple what most people think it takes.

– European Journal of Social Psychology

# of Days it can take to AUTOMATE a Habit

WOW that’s a long road…especially if you’re isolated and have no support. Looks like you’ll be buying a lot of lattes before you give them up.

– European Journal of Social Psychology

% Chance of Success if you have a specific Accountability appointment with someone

– The American Society of Training and Development (ASTD)

# of Drinks you may consume PER WEEK if you choose to do nothing, or try it alone. YIKES!

Seriously. Drinking is a common coping mechanism. That’s a LOT of dough to spend while wishing things were different. That could be serious vacation $$$!

The road doesn’t need to be
Lonely or Slow

– If you want to get something done, it helps to have someone hold you Accountable.
– If you think you are too busy, you absolutely need our systems.
– If you think waiting will be better, it probably won’t.

The best time to plant a tree was yesterday. The 2nd best time is today!


We know what it feels like to be in the trenches & how to help you cross them.

We also know what it’s like to climb a mountain. Really.

We’ve done that.

It’s a LOT easier when someone has your back & helps you get there.

Getting what you want is hard enough, don’t do it alone.


We can help you get there, faster.

If your cool spending decades slogging away to reach your goals, go for it.

We wouldn’t recommend it, we’ve done that and it sucks.

If you prefer the fast track, we got you covered.

Working with our proven systems gives you a Roadmap to get there faster.


You can use our systems as often as you want.

We use our systems & materials daily & you can too!

The more you use them, the easier they get.

We love that your investment in yourself pays you back month after month, year after year….for life!

Heck Yeah! That’s a pretty sweet deal.


We take security & privacy seriously.

We only share success stories with permission.

If you prefer to be in a group program but still want to maintain a certain level of privacy, that’s ok.

You decide what you share or don’t.

If you aren’t interested in our Group programs, checkout our private VIP option.


  • PRIVATE Consultation Tailored to YOU
  • In-Person or Online, Depending on Location & Preference
  • Weekly Accountability via 1-hour Live Video Calls – for 3 months
  • Monthly Accountability via Email – for 3 Months
  • Video Recording of Calls for you to keep and Review
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  • Mastermind Group of High Achievers who want to FAST TRACK just like you
  • Tailored to YOU & Your Group
  • Weekly Accountability via 1-hour Live Video Calls – for 3 months
  • Video Recording of Calls for you to keep -in case you miss a call or want to Review
  • Weekly Accountability in Mastermind ONLY Private Facebook Group – for 3 months to keep up Your Momentum & Support
  • Monthly Accountability via Email for 3 Months
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  • Online Community where you can connect with High Achievers like you
  • Monthly Online Workshops with Experts on Habits, Behavior Change, Self Care, Personal Improvement, Health, Money & Relationships.
  • Video Recording of Workshops on Membership Site for you to Review at any time
  • Weekly Accountability in Private Online Community Facebook Group
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